Back Jam – Day 1


Monday, May 1st — 12-4 PM EDTHosted by: Diane MatkowskiCo-hosts: Allison Denney and Ruth Werner12-1 pm EDT, Til LuchauQ&A 20 Minutes1:30- 2 pm EDT, Self-Care Session Closing with Heath and Nichole2:15-3:15 pm EDT Aubrey and AllisonQ&A 20 minutes

Back Jam Day 2


Monday, May 8th — 12-3:45 pm EDTHosted by: Diane MatkowskiCo-hosts: Erika Clinton and Ruth Werner12-1 pm EDT, Whitney LoweQ&A 20 Minutes1:30-2 pm EDT, Self-Care Session with Benny Vaughn2:15-3:15 pm, James WaslaskiQ&A 20 Minutes

Back Jam Day 4


Monday, May 22nd — 12-4:30 pm EDTHosted by: Diane MatkowskiCo-host: Ruth Werner, Allison Denney, Erika Clinton, Laura Boozer, LMT12-1 pm EDT, Diane LeeQ&A 20 minutes1:30- 2 pm EDT, Self-Care with Judith Aston2:15-3:15 pm EST Tom MyersQ&A 20 minutes3:45 pm EDT. Group Discussion, all available teachers!