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Educators’ Class Descriptions


Ethical issues that affect classroom relationships can make or break a student’s learning process, the success of the school, or even the standards of expectations for our entire profession. It is imperative that massage educators be aware of the delicacies of communication that must occur in a setting where boundaries can appear to shift in unpredictable ways. This two-hour class designed specifically for massage educators explores fundamental principles of transference, counter-transference, and projection, and then applies them to identify where students, classes, teachers, and schools might be vulnerable to problems. Participants finish with a clear idea of specific risks and benefits in a variety of teacher-student interactions, so that they can better guide the direction of their relationships.


Science teachers in massage and bodywork schools often find that their task is daunting: how can we engage students whose primary interests are most likely not to be in the direction we must lead them? In Teaching Pathology from the Heart educators of pathology and other core curriculum sciences identify and analyze obstacles, and analyze strategies to overcome them.

Participants in Teaching Pathology from the Heart will…

  • List appropriate standards and goals for science curriculum, especially pathology;
  • Trouble-shoot courses that don’t work well;
  • Identify strategies to improve effectiveness;
  • Develop an ambitious but realistic plan for implementing these strategies in the classroom.