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“Her style is entertaining, imaginative, and artistic, creating a fun and stimulating learning environment. I have never come across a more dedicated and enthusiastic teacher than Ruth in any of my schooling, including nursing school and three major universities.”

“Ruth gives new meaning to the use of a dry-erase board.”

“Above all, Ruth is a woman of high integrity. Truly a model for massage therapists in the profession, she fights for the uphill trends in education and professionalism in the field.”

These are quotes taken from the application submitted in my name for the Jerome Perlinski AMTA Council of Schools Teacher of the Year award in 2005. I am moved by the support of my students, and am constantly reminded that I learn from them much more than I could ever teach to them.

I offer workshops in both live and online formats.

Online Courses

My Client Has Diabetes~~ an online course with Ruth Werner is a 4-hour self-paced, highly interactive continuing education course to help participants be sure they are bringing their very best to the table for their clients with diabetes. Do you have clients with diabetes? This course is for you.


Live Workshops

Host a workshop

I am happy to visit your chapter, school or other organization to teach for a set fee plus expenses. My pre-set classes are modular and most can be adapted to 3-hour or 4-hour units. I can also customize content for your participants; just contact me for details. I ask to teach a minimum of 8 hours when I am invited to visit your organization.

I teach classes in pathology, pharmacology, research, ethics, and for educators. Click for a full list of class descriptions.

Contact me here to discuss my visit to your location.


Massage Therapy and Pathology workshops are dynamic, exciting, interactive lectures on topics that impact everyday choices of massage therapists, no matter what setting they work in.


Massage Therapy And Research Literacy workshops address the needs and concerns of massage therapists who are new to the research world, and who want to learn how to integrate research findings with their own expertise and their clients’ priorities. These classes meet in the NCBTMB research requirement for renewing board certification.


The Ethics of Client Communication: Talking to Clients about Their Health is a class developed to meet NCBTMB ethics requirements, through the filter of pathology. This highly interactive class uses scenarios provided by past participants to help massage therapists make the best possible choices when faced with unexpected dilemmas that can arise midsession. “Best ethics class ever” is a typical participant response to this fun-filled workshop.


Massage Therapy And Pharmacology workshops address basic chemistry principles, with a brief overview of drug mechanisms, side effects, and possible adverse events. Classes focus primarily on how our clients’ medication use may require adaptations in massage therapy choices. I have developed a single overview class and a full 16-hour pharmacology series.

For Educators

I have developed two classes for massage therapy teachers: one on teaching science from the heart, and another on ethics for educators.

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